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Final Stable Syllable -le

Explicit Phonics Lesson
Final Stable Syllable: Consonant –le

Day 1
        A syllable is a word (flat hands about a foot apart, palms facing)  or part of a word (move hands together until about 6 inches apart) with one talking vowel (left hand with 2 fingers forming a V {for "vowel"}, right hand with fingers and thumb opening and closing between the V on the left hand).
Say and do that again with me. A syllable is a word or part of a word with one talking vowel. What is a syllable? A syllable is a word or part of a word with one talking vowel. How can we decide how many syllables are in a given word? Clap, snap, hand under chin, or fingers keeping lips closed counting the pushes. 
          Today we are going to learn about a syllable type. This syllable type comes at the end of a word and is called a final stable syllable, “final” because it is at the end of words and  “stable” because consonant –le is always the same. When you see this syllable type, you will see a consonant followed by –le at the end of a 2 (or more) syllable word. The sound of the -le is /əl/. Let’s look at a word. Write the word little. This word is little. How many syllables are in the word little? 2 What is the first syllable? lit That leaves -tle.  That is a final stable syllable. The e on the end is not long or short. The e uses a schwa sound (ə: almost like a short ŭ sound) just before the L in the –tle syllable. Here is the symbol that can be used to remind us to use the final stable syllable sound.The sound of this syllable is /təl/.
( A big schwa underlining the –le and circling around to the top of the consonant before the L)
Follow the same procedure with the word table (an open syllable and a final stable syllable.) Write the word table. How many syllables are in the word table? 2 What is the first syllable in table? ta  The a uses its long sound because it is on the end of the syllable and there is no consonant to close it off.  Is the vowel in that syllable long or short? long That leaves –ble as the final syllable. It is a final stable syllable because it ends with –le. Mark the syllable with the large schwa as was done with the word little. Then show a list of possible consonants that can begin the final stable syllable:    -ble, -cle, -dle, -fle, -gle, -kle, -ple, -tle, and -zle.
What do we call a syllable that ends with consonant –le at the end of a word ?
     A final stable syllable
What is on the end of a final stable syllable? –le
Which syllable type has a schwa vowel sound? a final stable syllable

          Listen for the final stable syllable at the end of some words. Give me thumbs up if the word has the final stable syllable sound and thumbs down if the word doesn’t have the final stable syllable sound. For example, if the word is marble, you would show me thumbs up because you hear the –ble at the end. If the word is market, you would show me thumbs down because you don not hear afinal stable syllable.” Pronounce these words to have the students indicate if the word has the final stable syllable sound:

pickle          apple           lemon           waffle          pepper         popsicle
saddle         gallop           stable          bridle          blanket        buckle

Use two colors of markers to write the final stable syllable words one syllable at a time on the board as the class sounds out that syllable. Then blend the word as a whole.

gig gle            hum ble          hud dle         tic kle
pic kle           puz zle           bat tle         bot tle
pad dle           buc kle
After the words are decoded, briefly discuss meanings of words that may be unfamiliar to the students. Reread the lines of words with the class. Then give clues and have the students tell their buddy which word is the answer. Call on one set of buddies to give and spell the answer. Circle the words on the board as they are given as answers. Clues could be:

1. two sides working against each other                                    battle
2. used to move a conoe in the water                                        paddle
3. a cucumber used in a sandwich                                             pickle
4. a group of people standing close together                             huddle
5. a little laugh                                                                       giggle
6. pieces fit together to make a picture                                    puzzle
7. metal latch on a belt                                                            buckle
8. antonym for proud                                                               humble
9. a place to store a liquid                                                        bottle
The last word (tickle) is read by the students and used in a sentence that is told to their buddy. This exercise will give practice in reading words with final stable syllable words and will help expose them to oral vocabulary at the same time.

Reading Decodable Text:
          Use the decoding practice words in text. Read the passage to the students, have the class read it chorally, and then have buddy A read to buddy B. Then B will read to A.

Day 2

What letters are at the end of a final stable syllable? –le
Where does a final stable syllable come in a word? At the end
What vowel sound is heard in a final stable syllable? A schwa sound
How do we mark the final stable syllable?
          Listen to these sets of two words. Check with your buddy first and then raise your hands to tell me which word has a final stable syllable. If the two words are timber and tickle, you would tell me tickle because it has the final stable syllable.

puddle – pudding              purple – orange          center – middle
          table – chair                    lacy – ruffles             simple – difficult
          thunder – rumble             bottle – platter         story – fable
          apples – peaches              pancakes –waffles      glitter – sparkle

          Follow the Day 1.

grum ble      shut tle       sim ple        mid dle        
sin gle         a ble            la dle          jun gle
spar kle       gar gle         sam ple        jig gle

1. used to dish out soup or gravy                                       ladle
2. synonym for complain                                                   grumble
3. can do                                                                         able
4. rain forest                                                                  jungle
5. carries things back and forth                                       shuttle
6. to move back and forth quickly                                     jiggle
7. synonym for center                                                      middle
8. a way to rinse your throat                                            gargle
9. a model to show what something looks like                      sample
10. antonym for complicated                                             simple
11. only one                                                                      single

Have the students tell their buddy a sentence using the last word (sparkle.)

Reading Decodable Text:
          Have student Buddies practice reading the consonant -le phrases. (You will need at least one copy for each pair of students.)

Day 3

What is a syllable? A syllable is a word or part of a word with one talking vowel.
What is the  syllable type that we are studying this week ? Final stable syllable
What do you see that makes you know that the syllable is a final stable syllable?
Consonant –le
Where does the final stable syllable come in a word? At the end
What is the vowel sound in a final stable syllable? A schwa sound

          Use the dictation procedure.
          1.   /l/ l        /bəl/ -ble       / təl/  -tle       /dəl/  -dle     / gəl/ -gle
2.   able          table        stable
          3.   giggle        wiggle        jiggle
          4.   timetable           unable
          5.   The jello will wiggle when you jiggle the table.
Reading Decodable Text:
          Have student Buddies practice rereading the phrases. (You will need at least one copy for each pair of students.)

Day 4
Display these words:       bubble      blubber     bottle
Which word does not have a final stable syllable?  blubber
How do you know it doesn’t have a final stable syllable? It does not end with –le
How do we mark the final stable syllable? a large schwa underlining the -le and circling around the end of the word stopping at the consonant that is before the

Word Building
Display cards with the following syllables randomly in two groups: consonant –le and those that aren’t.
jun     dim    muf    bun    hum    puz   
gle     ple     fle     dle     ble     zle    
Give the buddy pairs 3 or 4 minutes to see how many words they can make and write using a syllable from each group.  Then check to see how many they got right by matching the cards to form the words. Follow the same procedure with these syllables on cards.
bot    un      crum  thim    han   tat    fa
tle     cle     ble     ble      dle   tle    ble

Reading Decodable Text:
                   Provide students with copies of final stable syllable sentences. Have them locate and circle words with final stable syllables. Then practice reading the sentences with buddy strategy.

Day 5
What is a syllable? A syllable is a word or a part of a word with one talking vowel.
What does a final stable syllable look like? Consonant –le
What is the vowel sound in a final stable syllable? A schwa sound
Where in a word do you find a final stable syllable? At the end
How do we mark a final stable syllable? With a big schwa around the syllable

        Use the dictation procedure.

1.       /k/ -ck        /kəl/ -kle     /pəl/ -ple     /zəl/ -zle     /fəl/ -fle
2.       purple          apple           simple
3.       puddle          paddle          handle
4.       people          candlestick
5.       A simple apple crisp is not hard to assemble.

Reading Decodable Text:
          Reread final stable syllable sentence and phrases using the buddy strategy.

Decoding Practice

bubble    candle     jungle     apple       little

 ankle     cattle      bottle    sample     simple

a little bottle                   
bubble bath
the simple puzzle            
a candlestick

1.           Twinkle, twinkle little star how I wonder what you are.

2.         Do you want to eat, a pickle or an apple?

3.         Mable went to the stable to saddle her horse.

4.         Can you help me buckle the bridle?

5.         The purple popsicles are on the table.

6.         Rock the baby in the little cradle.

7.         Uncle Jake will read a fable about a turtle and a hare.

8.         They sell beagle and poodle puppies at the pet store.

Final Stable Syllable Phrases

1. a sharp needle             
2. humble people              
3. twinkle and sparkle      
4. purple popsicles           
5. tickle and giggle           
6. the pickle jar                
7. waffles or pancakes      
8. pull the handle               
9. wiggle and jiggle           
10. crumbled crackers       
11. crumpled paper             
12. mumbled words            
13. in the mud puddle
14. paddle boat
15. crabapple tree
16. dinner table 
17. space shuttle 
18. a horse stable 
19. read a fable 
20. saddle and bridle
21. buckle your belt
22. deep in the jungle 
23. a single waffle 
24. a simple riddle 
Final Stable Syllable Sentences

1.           The fire crackles and sparkles.

2.         Uncle Karl is a cattle rancher.

3.         The eagle settled in its nest.

4.         A little apple was on the table.

5.         The purple candle went out.

6.         Circle the words that have two syllables.

7.         The rattle fell out of the baby’s cradle.

8.         He played a simple tune on his fiddle.

9.         Please do not tattle to your teacher.

10.      Wilbur was a very humble pig.

11.       A bundle of sticks is hard to break.

12.      We quickly worked the simple puzzle.

13.      She hurt her ankle when she jumped the hurdle.

14.      Let me sample that apple pie.

15.      Kendrick has a little dimple on his cheek.

16.      The bottle broke when it fell.

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